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Wow, we love Enlingos! I know that raising my son bilingual will give him so many advantages in life but I never realized how hard it would be to find books that we both love to read together. Each book we've received has been such a hit! He looks forward to reading new books each month.

Sofia E., Arizona

I want to raise my child bilingual, but finding the right books to teach her Spanish was hard. Too many books come with bad translations or confusing storylines. When we discovered Enlingos we had no idea such amazing books existed. They do an incredible job of finding books my daughter loves.

Reina T., Texas

I'm a kindergarten Spanish teacher and these are books that I've never come across. I love sharing new books with my classroom but I'm often disappointed with the content and translations. It's great to finally have a resource where I know I'll be getting great books for both my classroom and for my kids!

Ellen C., New York

Books That Spark a Love of Spanish

For kids 0-7 years old, discover Spanish and Bilingual kids books that build an foundation and love of Spanish from their early years

Expertly Curated and Personalized

We search the globe to find the best Spanish and bilingual books. Books we find are reviewed by educators, parents and children, and are selected to be a part of our vast and growing library of books

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“The books are so beautifully curated. I don’t know how you do it —  our son loves them!”

"¡Es sin duda mi suscripción favorita! My daughter gets so excited every time she sees our Enlingos box arrive and even more excited when we start reading our new books together.”

“Love at first sight! Thank you so much!! We’ve told all of our friends about your great service!”

“I teach Spanish and these are the best books that I have never encountered. I don’t know how you find them!”