Our Mission

Our mission starts with our love of language and books. We already know there are lots of benefits to speaking more than one language, but what drives us is cultivating a love of learning language with our kids through engaging and authentic stories in the languages they speak at home.

For our multicultural families, reading together is one of the most enriching ways to feel connected to our roots and our families. Yet, most of the books we encounter are primarily in English, limiting the opportunities for bilingual and multilingual children to discover the wonders of stories in the languages spoken with family.

Our goal is simple: to give children both a diversity of stories, and of languages, from a talented group of voices and storytellers. Our library houses over a thousand titles and includes famous classics, authentic titles and more from different parts of Latin America, Spain, as well as here in the US. We spend hours researching, reading, testing and curating our selection of books to share with your family. 

With books being one of the most important tools for early childhood development, we believe that by giving children greater access to, and variety of, books in Spanish, we’re helping children fall in love with reading and language together.

How We Started

We’re an equipo de madres, padres, pero sobretodo amantes de los libros that wanted to find the best books worth reading with our children in Spanish. 

Alejandra Tejada is the Founder & CEO of Enlingos.

Alejandra started Enlingos with a mission to cultivate a love of Spanish in her son but soon found it was harder than expected. After purchasing a few Spanish books online and only finding terrible translations and lackluster stories, Alejandra made it her mission to find books in Spanish that were fun and engaging for the whole family to read together —  from there Enlingos was born.

A native of Colombia, Alejandra’s background in product development and consumer research ultimately led her to follow her passion and build a service that helps growing multicultural and multilingual families in the US. She has a few start ups under her belt and holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, a B.A. in International Relations from the University of San Diego. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her multilingual family and monolingual dog. 

Our Team

Ana Patino
Ana Patino
Operations Management
An architect by training, Ana has an eye for planning and management. A mother of two grown bilingual children, Ana brings both her years of motherly experience and field expertise to running a tight ship. Ana comes from Colombia and holds degrees from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and La Universidad de Los Andes.
Nicole Navarro
Nicole Navarro
Early Education Consultant
Nicole is an early childhood bilingual educator, passionate about languages and introducing children to literacy. Nicole received an early childhood education degree and a masters degree in bilingual education from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Books are Nicole’s passion and she loves to read to her son Leo.