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What We Do

Captivating, high quality books in Spanish from around the globe picked and delivered especially for your little lectores. Tell us about your children and we’ll find the best libros that will foster a love of Spanish from their early years.

Spanish Book Boxes for Kids
  • Share the Alegria

    There’s no greater joy than sharing the love of language and culture with your children.

    Enlingos Book Box Bull
  • Shed the Frustracion

    But —  books are a big expense and many times leave you disappointed with translations, illustrations, and storylines that fall short.

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  • Buy with Confianza

    Enlingos makes it easier for parents to discover and buy quality Spanish-language books you can be confident children will love.

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What's Included?

Spanish Book Boxes for Kids 0-7 Years Old

  • Up to 5 Books

    Discover up to 5 Spanish and bilingual books handpicked for your kids

  • Authentic Voices

    Authentic titles from Latin America and Spain not found in stores

  • Ships Green

    Every box sent is carbon neutralized to offset the impact of shipping

  • High Quality

    Vetted for quality language, curated and personalized for your reader

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Our Books

Our Book Box

Starting at $29.98/mo

Receive incredible libros each month to spark their imagination and love of Spanish.

Starting at $29.98/mo for a Single Child Box, you get up to 3 books. Our box for multiple children with 5 books starts at $56.95/mo.

Take the quiz to personalize the experience and choose from our flexible delivery options. Cancel anytime or skip months, it's up to you!

Enlingos Spanish Book Box for Kids

Our Gift Box

Starting at $35.95/mo

Our gift boxes come with carefully curated books, gift-wrapped with a handwritten note and a surprise detalle that delights. Choose a one-off gift box or gift books every month.

Receive up to 3 books for a Single Child Gift Box and 5 books for a Multiple Children Gift Box.

Enlingos Spanish Gift Book Box for Kids

“The books are so beautifully curated. I don’t know how you do it —  our son loves them!”

"¡Es sin duda mi suscripción favorita! My daughter gets so excited every time she sees our Enlingos box arrive and even more excited when we start reading our new books together.”

“Love at first sight! Thank you so much!! We’ve told all of our friends about your great service!”

“I teach Spanish and these are the best books that I have never encountered. I don’t know how you find them!”