1 Month of Books

A one-time delivery sends you a selection of 3 Spanish and / or bilingual books.


Our curated bundles of books have been carefully crafted based on the age and interests of your child. These libros include selections of books from native Spanish-speaking authors and illustrators, translations of English classics and more!


Select the age of your child, the type of books you’ll like to receive and we’ll carefully craft a bundle that meets your needs. We ensure that each bundle comes with a diverse selection of books, engaging content, and quality translations to delight your little reader.


In the end, the decision is yours. Try, enjoy, and keep only what you love.  

1 Month of Books

  • Receive one shipment of 3 personalized books for your child
  • You will have 5 days to test out the books
  • Pay the retail price for only the books you want to keep
  • Receive a 20% discount off the retail price on the whole bundle if you keep all 3 books 
  • Return any books you don't want within the 5-day trial period using the provided pre-paid packaging and shipping label


We 'll charge you only for the books you keep after the 5-day trial and 2-way shipping is always free.