Why These Spanish Books Are the Perfect Gift for Children This Valentine’s Day

Throughout last year, we found so many different and new ways to demonstrate love for our friends, family and neighbors both near and far. This makes this Valentine’s Day one of the most special celebrations of all!

Of course for us, the best way we’ve been able to show our love is through compartiendo nuestro amor por los libros y la lectura. We take a cue from the Catalan celebration on April 23rd — that brings together World Book Day and Valentine’s Day into one holiday — St Jordi’s Day (Diada de Sant Jordi). On St. Jordi’s Day you show your love and appreciation of others by giving a book and a rose. It’s a fun tradition that celebrates St. George or St. Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia. The celebration dates back centuries and while it’s been updated for modern times (previously, men only received books and women only received roses), it’s a testament to the power of books as gifts for your loved ones.

So, take a page from the Spanish tradition this Valentine's Day as you celebrate with your niños. To help, we’ve selected a few Spanish-language books that embody the spirit of the holiday and of course, a selection of libros that we absolutely ❤️!

Besos for Baby: A Little Book of Kisses

A baby can never get too many kisses, and no one can resist giving too many of those as well! This bilingual board book hit’s the market with a pithy and loving story full of kisses.

Las maravillosas cosas que Llegarás a ser

A Spanish-language book about the hopes and wonders parents have when looking at their children and wondering the type of person they will grow up to be. Whatever the outcome, the love of a parent will always be there, and a love of this book will be timeless.

El hilo invisible

This beautiful story in Spanish of how connected we are, even when we are far, is a perfect representation of the love that is shared between parents and children no matter the distance between.