Enlingos - Spanish Books for Kids

Enlingos a Spanish language book service for kids — has officially launched.

Enlingos offers parents the opportunity to try Spanish language books for children before committing to buying. Started by a multilingual family frustrated with the ‘misses’ that come along with finding the right books for their child, Enlingos gives parents the flexibility to test out Spanish language books before investing in the purchase.

Each month, kids from ages zero to six receive a bundle of three books. Kids and their parents have a few days to test drive the books before deciding to buy. Books that aren’t a ‘hit’ are sent back to Enlingos, while families who wish to keep the entire bundle can keep all the books at a discounted rate that matches or beats Amazon’s price.

Spanish books are sourced from a variety of publishers across Latin America and Europe, bringing not only a diversity in language, but also in stories and illustrations. The book selection adds another dimension of richness to the storytelling that is reflective of the authors and illustrators of these countries.

“The US is so multicultural and diverse, especially within the Latin American community. You have parents coming from all different countries, with different vocabularies, different levels of Spanish comprehension and reading ability. Along with very limited book selection and reviews on Spanish-language books, it can be a challenge for families to find the right books to share with their kids.” saids Alejandra, co-founder of Enlingos. “We end up accumulating a vast number and variety of English language books for our children, but when it comes to Spanish books, we often come up short. If we want our kids to be bilingual it starts with talking and reading to them in Spanish.”

Unlike other box services, Enlingos aims to put parents in the driver’s seat. It’s up to the parents to decide how many bundles they receive, what type of books they want and what books they keep. To learn more about Enlingos visit the about us page.