¡Hola amigos —  los grandes y pequeños! 

Welcome to our new website! It’s been a sorpresa in the works that will allow us to offer the service you’ve been asking for. Take the time to explore the site and, if you have any questions, keep on leyendo.

About Our New Service

Tell us more. We’ve built a personalization quiz.

We launched a new website and service for our Spanish and bilingual book boxes to better service our customers’ needs. We have  a new intake quiz section that captures more information about the types of books your kids love and the types of books you want to receive. If you’d like to start a new subscription or place a new order, take the quiz so you can tell us more. We’ll pair this information with any past information we have tied to your email account and make sure that we have an aggregated picture of not just preferences, but past books you’ve loved or returned.

Single purchase or on-going subscription - it’s up to you!

Now customers will be able to purchase boxes single or subscription boxes without the hassle of returns! You can continue to select a single order of books or if you would like to receive books on an on-going basis, just sign up for a monthly subscription. But don’t worry, you can now manage your subscription on your own time and have the freedom to cancel anytime. 

Have multiple kids? Get one box for all.

Book boxes are now available for one child or multiple children without the need to subscribe to multiple services. You can select a multiple kids box and receive a mix of 5 books for all of your young readers!

We’ve added more savings….

By eliminating some of the hassle of having to return books, we’ve been able to streamline operations and pass on the savings to you! Customers will still get 20% off the price of books and will now have an additional savings of up to 10%.

...while free returns continue.

We also know that as much as we hope our books hit the mark, you may encounter a few that fall flat or aren’t  exactly what you’re looking for. That’s okay! We still offer free returns (and shipping) on the entire box and refunds on books that don’t work out. Visit our FAQs page to learn more. 


What if I have a subscription with the old “try-before-you-buy” service? 

Don’t worry, your subscription is still active and will continue for the entire period of your subscription. We will continue to charge you the monthly fee, send you a selection of personalized books and only charge you for the books you keep. Once your subscription is done you can visit us any time to use the new service or if you prefer to switch to the new service now, just send us a note and we can cancel your current subscription and switch you over. 

If I sign up for the new service, will I get the same books I’ve received in the past?

Claro que no. Just use the same email that you used for your last account on this website. We’re constantly growing our carefully curated selection of books so we have hundreds of new titles being added to our library. Any books you receive will be new ones you have yet to discover.

Are you still sending the same types of books?

Absolutely. We go through a meticulous process of reviewing and selecting each of the books that goes into our library. We focus on books that are culturally relevant, educational and engaging for little lectores learning Spanish. With our books being an equal mix of authentic and translated books, each book we receive has been reviewed for its content and language to make sure it holds up to our high selection standards. 

We’re also implementing a review system with each shipment so we can easily capture your feedback. The feedback you share helps us personalize your selection even more and pick out books that your child will love.

When will I receive my books with the new subscription?

Depending on when you signed up for our old service your books will continue to ship with that service on either the 5th or the 20th of the month. In our new service, your books will always ship on the 15th of the month (if it falls on a weekend or holiday, shipments will go out on the following business day) and will be delivered 6-9 business days from the ship date. If you subscribe to our service, for each subsequent order, you will be charged on the 5th of the month and boxes will be shipped on the 15th of the month (or the following business day). For regular subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the 5th of the month to avoid being charged and sent the month’s box.

Have more questions? We’re happy to answer them! Contact us at hi@enlingos.com