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Leemos libros - muchos y muchos y muchos libros...  

We know that no two books - and no two children - are the same, so we work hard to find gems, talking to educators, parents and children to build our vast library of Spanish and bilingual books. From there, we take a cue from you.  We take your input and preferences to create an experience that is as unique as your child.  


Pequeños Exploradores

The world is their oyster and our job is to give them new ways to explore it! Through sight, touch and sound, our 0-2 age group receives an exciting selection of board books that engages their senses. The books teach them basic words, sweet stories and some even come with downloadable songs. 




Like little bees buzzing from one activity to the next, our 3-4 year olds love experiences where they can learn, laugh and play. That's why our 3-4 selection of board and hardcover books are interactive, funny and engaging with simple but rich storylines for their ever-expanding world.

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Hijos de Galileo

Our kids are understanding so much more and as they hunger for new information to feed their curiosity, we're here to help guide them. Our hardcover and paperback books for 5-7 year old are more complex and have social and cultural layers that teach valuable lessons and stories about the world around us. While not always serious, we try and strike the right balance of fun-loving and educational.

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