How many deliveries?

Select how many Enlingos deliveries you’d like to receive. Choose either a single shipment of books or have Enlingos renew for up to 3 months. 

Choose Your Deliveries

  • 1 Month of Books

    Single delivery of 3 books. Purchase more deliveries on your own schedule. No subscriptions. Complete flexibility. 

    1 time delivery

    $10 + Cost of Books

  • 2 Months of Books

    2 monthly deliveries of books. When 1 month is not enough, receive 2 shipments to try more books.  

    2 deliveries. Shipped monthly

    $10/mo + Cost of Books

  • 3 Months of Books

    3 monthly deliveries of books. Our most popular plan sends you more books to try without long-term commitment.

     3 deliveries. Shipped monthly

    $10/mo + Cost of Books

Up to 3 deliveries. Re-purchase on your schedule. Free 2-way shipping.

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