¡Amamos Los Libros!



Our mission starts with our love of books.

We love the connection that books create with our world, other worlds and to each other. However, we found that a lot of the books we read to our kids are primarily in English or are translations of well-known English books. While we cherish the classics, we also believe in the richness we get from reading the words and seeing the images of authentic authors and illustrators — so, our goal: to offer families more choices!


We created Enlingos because we want to ensure that children have both a diversity of books and a diversity of language coming from an amazing group of voices and storytellers . Our selection of books incorporates famous translated classics, authentic titles from Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, and more —  and are both in Spanish and bilingual versions.


With books being such an important component of early childhood development, our mission is to open the doors to families to the literary worlds beyond us.


We are happy to be the navigators of your discovery and hope you enjoy the exciting journey that awaits.

The Enlingos Familia